Title: Just Romance
Author: Jyoti Arora
Genre: Short Story/Romance
Pages: 133 pages (give or take)
Format: e-copy
Amazon and Goodreads pages to be released soon.


It is a collection of seven relatable and believable contemporary romances between 8,000 to 16,000 words long. The complete book is 83,000 words long (133 pages on MS Word) and targets young Indian readers (15-35 years). All the stories are clean, wholesome romances written to make the readers feel happy.

The stories are:
1. Drunk on Love: Anjali, daughter of deeply religious parents, is out to assert her freedom from conservative upbringing. ‘It’s my duty to do love marriage,’ she says. But with her parents’ values ingrained in her soul, dare she allow herself the love of a bartender?
2. Miles Apart: When two recruiters working in distant cities fall in love, the long-distance relationship becomes the toughest challenge they have faced yet. Overpowering all distances and differences, can their love unite what life is aiming to separate?
3. O Teri: A young advertiser is the queen of her heart. But when this heart flies over to a rejected suitor, all she can do is follow it into love. When the rejected man moves on, will the woman who wins over everybody lose her first love?
4. Dance of Fantasy: A young girl collides with a Bollywood star and life turns into fantasy. But the star that shines for everyone hides a fire within. And someone has already placed a target on the girl’s back. When the fantasy turns to nightmare, can an impossible dream ever come true?
5. Tarini: When a writer spends a night with his mysterious muse, a saga of desperate love writes itself. With the magical beauty of the moon and a river, with the dance of shadows and light, and the forever unity of the corporal with the eternal, this is a story of love thriving in imagination and imagination coming alive in love.
6. I guess I love you: The tragic end of one love story keeps two friends away from love. But even tragedy can spring hope. And even a broken heart can make the love whole.
7. It’s in the books: He is bored with life. She is scared of life. Love can be their only salvation. When the treacherous life cleaves them apart, books become their bridge across distance and time. But can books write a happy ending for love heading towards tragedy?

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