We asked, you answered!

If you follow us on Instagram, then you must have noticed our recent post that has been gaining quite a bunch of likes and comments from everyone. Do not worry, we haven’t organized a contest (yet). Instead, it was a more of a survey thing where we asked all of our loyal followers to tell us of the things that they most looked forward to as a child and how those things have changed today. Here are few of the best responses we could find:

  1. Cricket… The only thing I used to look forward in summers was playing cricket from morning till night only to come back home drenched in sweat and receive an earful from mom – @coffee_book_and_more (Isn’t that something we all loved playing as a kid?)
  2. Late night badminton matches and the post match golas – @inbetweenthepages._ (Hm, won’t we love for some golas right now?)
  3. Ice-creams… I used to look forward to the time my dad would take me out to have ice creams. – @she_a_bibliophile (Ah dear, you just made our mouth water!)
  4. Mangoes… I am not fond of the weather but it meant mangoes, vacations and lots of books! Now summer is just something I can’t wait to get over with. – @booksandstrokes (That touched us deep in our heart, you know that, right?)
  5. Grandparents’ house… I used to look forward to the vacations so that I can go to my grand parents’ house – @bonggirlinabookworld (Oh sweetie, don’t we all just miss those days?)
  6. And books, lots and lots of books! – @everyone! (Isn’t that just what we live for?)

What are some of the other activities that you looked forward to? Do let us know in the comments below!

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