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Title: The Chapter Black: Scandalous Secret of the Scars
Author: Bushra Rahmani
Pages: 247
Publishers: Self-Published
Genre: Contemporary Fiction
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Picture This: She is young, radiant and has her boyfriend swooning over her. Until, one day, someone splashes a piping hot liquid on that beautiful face of her, and the face she always held up high with pride melts off in flames.  She has been attacked with ACID.  For a girl whose adverse nightmare is an acne breakout, what do you assume she would do with a burnt face? Worst of all, the man who was once smitten by her beauty now denies having met her in his lifetime.   In the world obsessed with external beauty, how hard do you think it is to live with people’s prejudice?  What do you reckon she would do? 
Will she collapse under the stigma attached to facial deformity or stand with a super-human audacity to walk with the Naked Scars?

If you respect courage, value endurance, and are not obsessed with a beautiful face, she would love to share her story with you via the purchase of this book. 

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