“The Book Genie has undoubtedly been a unexpected lamp found in the sands of the digital desert. Introduced to me by a bookstagrammer, I’ve had the honor of probably being the first author who has freed the genie from the lamp. The Book genie has been proactive in searching out reviewers and extremely prompt in sharing their reviews and tagging my handle on social media so that no review goes under the radar. They have been working very closely with me, always being on the lookout for new reviewers and spreading the word of TARIKSHIR as far and wide as they can. In my humble opinion, the bookgenie like the one in Disney’s Aladdin will turn to be a friend with time and they are always prompt in their reply and followups, competent in their work and hungry for to grow; all three aspects needed to succeed. I wish them all the best in their endeavours and hope they grant wishes to numerous more authors in time to come. Super satisfied with the work they have done in finding reviewers for TARIKSHIR and super excited to work with them on its sequel.”