"Tarikshir is a page turner, the perfect book to keep you on edge." - Anjali Dedha

Book Details:

Title: Tarikshir: The Awakening
Author: Khayaal Patel
Pages: 358
Publishers: Westland Publishers
Series: First Part in a Series
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“No man’s action depends on that of another.”

I read the blurb and I felt “This seems nice” but then I read the book and I was like “Holy shit, I underestimated it.”

Everything from the plot to the narration is just incredible. The main protagonist Rudra the newly crowned prince of his kingdom Devangarh has just finished his training and has yet to prove himself worthy in his father’s eyes and impress him. The story is set during the time when the British empire was setting their roots in India. Rudra is faced with the formidable task of protecting his kingdom from the British army. Amidst the chaos that the inevitable war brought, came the tragic death of Rudra’s father. However, his intuition and certain other aspects make him feel that it wasn’t a natural death. This makes him go on a journey where he unravels the mysteries that he didn’t never could have expected, answers to the questions he didn’t even thought of, and he uncovers the deep dark ancient secrets that might change the world, including his own. What follows next is war between Rudra and powers which were beyond his knowledge, a war between good and evil.

The plot is refreshing and detailed. The build up was progressive even though the pace was a little fast.

The story also consists of mythological occurrences which makes it different from other historical fictions as well as unique on it’s own.

The character of Rudra was written beautifully and was given depth and a realistic touch which made him relatable at times. The dilemmas he faced, the choices he had to make, reflected the human behavior vividly. The other characters complimented the story and were given their own time and representation.

The climax was totally unexpected but made sense. It was like the puzzle piece that made it possible for the bigger picture to make sense. There were no loopholes because everything was tied up and I really couldn’t find anything that was missing.

I loved the writing style, the characterisation, the narration, the representation; everything was top notch and it’s because the writer had the capability to make us see what he saw, the world he created, I could see that and it’s because the writing is just marvelous.

I am totally in love with his writing style.

I’ll definitely recommend this book. It’s a page turner and everything is just perfect, and I don’t use the word perfect very often so you know it’s something.

P.S: It will keep you on edge and would make you want more, not because it’s not satisfactory but because you just can’t get over it, I’m wishing for a sequel.

Final Verdict

Just read the book, goddamnit!

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Confessions of Two Reading Freaks

Confessions of Two Reading Freaks


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