We are two crazy book lovers. And so, just like all of you, we are well aware of how much effort reviewing a book requires. That is why we have curated a book review program for you so that you will be rewarded for each book you review.

How does this work?

Once you sign-up for our review program, we go through your profile and decide whether you’ll be selected for reviewing the future books or not. Being a part of the review program helps you in such a way that whenever you sign up for any book, you will be given a priority over the other reviewers. Even if you’re not selected, fret not for you can still sign-up for the books.

All the bloggers selected to review a book will earn point for their reviews, but only if the reviews are uploaded within 2 weeks of receiving the books.

How the reward points are given?

  1. You receive one point for reviewing the book on your blog.
  2. You receive one point for reviewing the book on Amazon + Goodreads.
  3. You might also earn points by working on cover reveals, blog tours and author interviews whenever required.

When earn a total of 10 points, you are rewarded with a gift voucher from us. Vouchers are sent at the end of every month.

Follow this link to sign up for for our review program or to sign up for any book available for review.