Are you a book reviewer looking for a suitable review program to join and work with? Well, look no further because we have just the thing you need.

The way our review program works is simple. Once you sign up for a particular book and are selected for the same, we request you for a confirmation. This confirmation is important to ensure that you are indeed free enough to review the book on time. (The selection process takes some time, sometimes. In those cases, the confirmation becomes even more important because after all, anyone can be stuck with an exam, right?)

Post that confirmation, you are sent the book through the author’s preferred medium—be it via Amazon or through post.

Once you review books for us (and submit your reviews according to the deadline specified by the author or us), you earn points for your work. The ways to earn reward points are as follows:

1- 1 point if you review the book on Amazon+Goodreads. (Both are a must!)

2- 1 point if you review the book on your blog or social media. (At least one is a must!)

3 – 1 point if you take part in the cover reveal of the book (if the author wishes for it to happen).

4 – 1 point for an author interview.

5 – 1 point for a book spotlight

(The last three points are given only if the author wishes to perform those things.)

Once you have completed 10 points, you are rewarded with a gift voucher from us. Vouchers are sent at the end of every month.

To be a part of the review program, you can follow the link to the Google form here.