While writing a book review, a review policy is a very important thing to follow. We request all of the reviewers to go through this policy once and inform us if there is any issue. If you are unable to follow this policy, then kindly do not sign up for the review program.

1. Please ensure that you have gone through the blurb of the book before signing up for it. Like an eye is the window to the soul, the blurb is a window to the book and what it contains. If the blurb or the genre do not suit you, then please don’t apply for the same.

2. The general amount of time provided to review a book is 15 days (unless specified otherwise). If you are unable to do so, then kindly inform us beforehand else you may not be able to receive any more books in the future. If you do not review books within the specified deadline for three consecutive times (without informing us of the same), then  you shall be debarred from the review program.

3. Do not trash a book. We understand if you do not like a book. Sometimes, despite a good review, a desirable blurb and the genre of your choice, you are unable to like the plot of the book. If that is the case, then say so but please do not trash a book. Think about what an author went through when that person wrote that book. They may have made some mistakes in the process but you must help them by mentioning the errors politely than trashing the book.

4. The review should not be less than 200 words. Out of these 200 words, at least 120 words must describe what you felt about the book than about what the story is.

5. Please don’t give spoilers. We would love it  (and we assume you and the other reviewers would, too) if everyone went in reading the book without knowing the ending.

6. Lastly, kindly not that reviewers are a MUST on an e-commerce site as specified by the author as well as Goodreads. If you do not qualify to review on Amazon, then kindly refrain from signing up until you are qualified.