If you thought that your work was done after getting some book reviews, then you were highly mistaken. Believe us when we say, there is a lot more to do now and very little time.

Way before your book is released, it needs to be lined up to create a buzz around it. The more the people know, the more advanced reviews the people read and hear, the more they see it roaming around on their social media news feeds, the more they are likely to go and buy it for themselves.

There are many ways through which one can do that. And if you are interested in creating a buzz for your present book and making it a bestseller, then you need all the help you can get. Because as we say, every second you spend promoting your book can be spent in writing your next bestseller. Hence, choose a service that you believe would benefit you the most, feel free to awaken The Book Genie so that he can help you work on your wishes!

1. Cover Reveal:

Cover Reveals are generally taken into account right when the cover is being released. The idea is to boast about your “pretty, pretty” cover so that people who haven’t heard about your book in the past can take a look at your cover art and be engrossed in it. After all, who are we kidding? No matter how much people ask others not to judge a book by its cover, it is equally (and sometimes, even more!) judged by it.

2. Author Interviews:

How can your interview help your book, you might wonder. Well, believe it or not, it does. And it does a lot. Here’s how: your book is a special piece of your heart. Needless to say, you have gone through a lot of work to get this book where it is—in its final state. So, of course, then, you also have a special story to share about it. An interview with you helps the blog follower understand what is it that led you to write your story and how it personally affected you. Sometimes, the authors’ stories also help people pick them up.

3. Book Spotlights:

Book Spotlights are generally posted on the day of the release of the book. A book spotlight basically spotlights your book for a day on a reviewer’s blog, i.e., the reviewer gives the basic information about the book—its blurb, who the author is, information about the author, links to buy the book from and so on.

4. Blog Tour:

A blog tour comprises of everything—a review on blog and/or social media, a cover reveal, an author interview and anything else that you desire to be posted on the reviewer’s blog. It helps when you are trying to make your book’s presence last for a little while longer to create a buzz around it.

5. Graphic Designs:

Make your words into a picture with the help of our very talented Graphic Designers and get beautiful images based on the content you require.

6. Giveaways and Contests:

Well, what better way to increase your social media presence than to organize a giveaway with us or host some contest with us regarding the book? It always help if you want people to know more about your book.

So what are you waiting for? If all of this interests you, then go on and awaken the Book Genie!

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