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Book Details:

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Book Name: Once Again…With Love!
Author Name: Abhirup Dhar
Format: Paperback
Pages: 105

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“A small world!” Dev smiles and taps Mishika on her shoulders. One rainy afternoon, two ex-lovers meet after six years by chance at an airport. They have moved on but they sit to talk… Come…fall in love…out of it…in it again… and discover the meaning of being together with Dev, Mishika and Priyasha – three oddballs muddled by the phenomenon of love, confusion and relationships while they come of age. ‘Once Again… With Love!’ is a quirky take on love, confusion and modern-day relationships.

About the Author:

Abhirup Dhar was born in Kolkata and is still being brought up in India. A banker by profession, he is filmy to the core and reviews movies for a certain website. He is passionate about writing and that itself has led him to pen down his first book “Once Again…With Love!” – a quirky take on love, confusion and modern-day relationships. He believes the best stories are always about a man and a woman and these should be told in a simple way. Abhirup currently lives in Mumbai but his heart is in JOlkata and so are his parents.

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