"The specialty of thrillers is that they are fast paced." - Komal Yadav

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Title: Let You Be My Puppet Once
Author: Preetika Mehra
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Publisher: Notion Press
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When I started reading the book, I had imagined a completely different plot from what it actually turned out to be. I had thought this was a love story of two people belonging to different status groups of society and how they struggled to stay together, fighting with their influential parents. Although this is a part of the story it is a very small and not really significant part.

The specialty of thrillers is that they have fast pace and keeps audience of the edge. The narration of this novel completely justifies this requirement. Every chapter leaves the audience with a cliff-hanger. You are bound to read carefully to make sense of the series of events happening all at once. The essence of a thriller is beautifully captured.

What I really liked about this book is the backstory given to every character, even to the “villains” of the story. The plot could have survived without it too, but it gave the additional value to the drama going on. Also, what hits really hard is the glimpse of corruption prevailing in the country and exploitation of poor by rich mentioned in the story.

This book requires patience on the part of the readers. There are many loose ends in between the narration but all of them are nicely tied together by the end.

However, The story lags behind in the emotional appeal, a little. Although incidents are intriguing enough, at times they seem mechanical due to the lack of empathy. The relationship between Karan and Vedica could have been explored more. The climax is definitely shocking and I appreciated it.

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