What is a book without any reviews? Why will people ever buy books if they haven’t seen or heard of its reviews in the past? Will you, as a reader, ever do so? No, right? And that is why a good book review and word-of-mouth can help your book more than any other thing can. If we see a book receiving a positive review, we have an instant need of adding it to our TBR and reading it ourselves as soon as possible.

A book review is a person’s opinion of the book, in a written one. The reviewers that work with us review books primarily on Goodreads, Amazon, their social media handle and/or their blog (if they have any). Since we mainly work with readers than with professional critics, the reviews we help you get are a lot more personal.

How do these reviews help and why should you work with us?

We know that is probably the main question running through your mind at the moment. Hence, we are here to provide the answers!

1. We try our best to look for reviewers who can provide a personal touch to their reviews. This kind of touch helps the other readers decide whether or not to buy the book for themselves and whether it is something that they would be interested in gifting their best friend or not.

2. We strive to look for quality reviewers, i.e., the reviewers who agree to write 200 words or more about a book and how they feel about it. This helps the new readers understand more about the book and the quality of it; and whether to buy it or not.

3. Book reviews save a lot of time. This is simple, really. Once you have sent your book to be reviewed by a few reviewers, you can take a day off and relax. Or cook up a plot for your next book, whatever pleases you, really! But what we meant by saving time was really that when the other readers see reviews of your book online, then they would know and understand what kind of a book it will be. They won’t waste their money, or even yours and post a bad review of your book when they read it and don’t like it because of how misleading they felt it was.

4. Yet, all of this pales in comparison to the main thing—publicity. Have you ever seen a popular book with less than 20 reviews? Have you ever even heard of such a book? No, because there really isn’t. No matter what you do, a social media presence is a must and that is why, having reviews for your book online—good and quality reviews, mind you, helps in a great amount of publicity.

And what does publicity do but get you more sales? So you see, in the end, it all comes round to you, your book baby and its sales. That is why our review program is such a nice option. Because, after all, every minute that you spend searching for and reaching out to a reviewer yourself is another minute wasted from your next bestseller, isn’t it?

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