So you have finally written a book and are ready to get on with marketing it. We understand how the word-of-mouth marketing may not work for you at this point of time, especially considering the digital world that we live in. In that case, what better way to do this by taking the help of a book review program. You can take a look at all of our previous campaigns here.

Once you are done with that, don’t forget to look for reasons to hire us as your PR. Here you go:

  • We have a database of reviewers, so if you are a new author, then we can help your book get more ‘buzz’ by asking them to talk about your book.
  • We would help you find reviewers who would provide quality reviews on social media and e-commerce sites.
  • We can also organise blog tours, cover reveals, book spotlights and author interviews.

You can find more information about these services here.

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