Happy Father’s Day to every father out there! And to all the children reading this post because well, they couldn’t have been fathers without you, could they have?

Now keeping in mind the mood of the day, we at The Book Genie are also celebrating fathers today. As a result, we have brought you five father figures we can never forget. Of course, every father is different and we aren’t comparing one from the other. But if a father figure you believe is memorable but not mentioned here, then do let us know! So to all the remaining literary father figures, don’t worry, if you were a good dad, we still love you!

1. Atticus Finch from To Kill A Mockingbird

How can anyone forget the dad who brought us Scott and Jem? There was no literary father (or at least none that we have heard of) who taught honesty and basic morals better than Atticus Finch. The way he taught Scott and Jem the importance of each individual despite his colour or socioeconomic status almost brought tears to our eyes. Once Lee gave us Finch, she also gave us one of the best fathers we could ever have asked for.

2. Arthur Weasley from the Harry Potter Series

Well, if we are talking about fathers, then how can we ever ignore Arthur Weasley. He was one of the best father figures in the entire Harry Potter Series, not just to the Weasleys but to Harry and Hermione as well. His little quirks, his friendliness and his excitement toward everything Muggle was hard to ignore. Not to forget the way he fought for his family and kept all of them safe. We will ALWAYS remember you, Arthur.

3. King Lear from King Lear

Wait, wait, wait! We never said we love all the father figures we were mentioning. These are actually all the fathers we can never, ever forget and really, who can ever forget King Lear? He was one of the most stupid and egoistic father we had ever read about. Although no father shall ever deserve what happened to him, somewhere along the way, we felt like he really deserved whatever fate he received. Don’t you think so, too?

4. Hans Hubermann from The Book Thief

Anyone who has ever read The Book Thief knows who Hans Hubermann is and how he was the one in shaping the entire story for Leisel. Had it not been for him, Leisel would never have loved books enough to become a thief. He was the one who taught her real values, and although Leisel never had any father of her own, it is obvious that she couldn’t have asked for a better one. But let us not go any further than that or we’ll end up crying once again, thinking about the end.

5. Maurice from The Beauty and the Beast

None of us can ever forget Maurice from the story of The Beauty and the Beast, can we? Without him, Belle might never have found her Prince Charming and had her happily ever after. Of course, both of them suffered before any of that happened so yes, we hated him before we loved him once again, didn’t we? Yet, no matter what we felt for him, we can never forget him.


Baba from The Kite Runner

Amir’s Baba taught us a lot throughout the course of The Kite Runner. He taught us what real pressure is, how even one’s servant can be one’s brother and of course, war doesn’t negate decency. He was the man who tried teaching Amir what it is like to stand up for what is right, and perhaps, Amir was a coward and he was too late in rectifying his ways but had it not been for the last few teachings his baba gave him, Sohrab might never have had his safe ending. So he may not be the best father for the way he treated his son(s), he was still one of the most memorable ones.

Sirius Black and Remus Lupin from Harry Potter Series

No one really talks about them because Harry had different parents, didn’t he? The Weasleys? Sirius and Lupin didn’t spend much time with him but no one can forget how it was because of Lupin that Harry was able to fight his demons in the third year of his school. It was because of Sirius that he finally had a chance of a happy life. Sirius gave him the love James might have given. And now that we think of it, there couldn’t have been a more memorable father than James Potter, either. As in, of course, we never saw much of him in the series but he was also the father who went to fight the Dark Lord without a wand in his hand, knowing he would end up dying no matter what, all because he wanted to give his wife some time to save Harry. Believe it or not, that’s love!



Dhiraj · June 16, 2019 at 9:42 pm

Thanks for this post! For reminding us of these legends behind heroes!


    The Book Genie PR · June 16, 2019 at 9:45 pm

    We’re so happy you like this post. We agree, today was a day to remember them! 😁

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